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deter seasons 1-4

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1deter seasons 1-4 Empty deter seasons 1-4 Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:13 am



I watched season 3 on video on demand from showtime. It was great watching the whole season straight through without waiting a week in between each one. I'm not sure I could have waited between shows to know what happened! The show gets better and better all the time. This season had Dexter making friends with the assistant DA who was played by Jimmy Smits. It begins with Dexter killing his brother kind of by accident but of course the d.a. doesn't know that part and wants him to find the killer since he shows such a talent for helping out in that department. Interesting concept, huh. Find the killer when you are the killer! Does this deter Dexter from becoming his friend anyway? Not a bit. This season also has Rita pregnant. Will Dexter do the right thing and marry her? Or better yet, SHOULD he marry her? I mean what is going to happen when there is a little Dexter around? Will big Dexter take him to soccer games or to the shooting range? It will be interesting seeing what kind of daddy Dexter makes! Jimmy Smit plays his role well and it's funny watching poor old Dexter trying to become a friend to someone when the concept is so alien to him. But we want him to have a friend as bad as he wants one, because we truly like Dexter. He tries so hard to do the right thing by his friends and if it meant turning himself in rather than killing a friend, then we believe that is what he would do. He almost had to do that at the end of last season when Doaks figured out what he was...but one of the women who loved Dexter took care of the problem for him. Those women of his will always take care of Dexter when they can. And now that he's marrying one of them, she can't testify against him if she ever figures out what he is. But guess what...that thought has not crossed his mind yet. He's very naive where women are concerned. That just makes you like him more and you want those women there to protect him since you can't! Watch it, you'll love it!

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