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1tv show Empty tv show Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:10 am



I love Lost, the cast, and of course Juliet and Kate. I would add that I love Sun too, but Jin might hit me. Seriously, "Lost" has accomplished the rare feat of completing its fifth season with the magic intact. We are still baffled by the true nature of the Island, and the plot twists and turns continue to fascinate and delight.
One of the things I like about Season Five is the development of the Sawyer character. He is a truly multidimensional personality whom I did not like at all in Season One but who now is perhaps my favorite male character in the series.
One thing I was not crazy about in Season Five is the use of time travel, which is overused in science fiction and which makes its appearance here. I will give the series credit, however; this is one of the more innovative uses of this device.
Like everyone else, I am waiting for Season more to see how this all wraps up. Great fun! RJB.

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RIP Michael! I still play your music and watch your videos everyday!!

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